For example, there are still more users on Windows XP than on Windows 8, the Windows version that preceded the current Windows 10. The older a software version is, the longer hackers have had to analyze it, break down its code, and find its flaws. Especially if that software is popular or important for a specific industry, hackers can and often do discover vulnerabilities that they can exploit. Newer versions of the software will likely have fixed those exploits, but older versions may still have them, making the older software increasingly dangerous to have around. The situation revealed several reasons why security updates are necessary.

why windows updates are important to be done regularly

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. If your computer is not connected to the internet, you will not be able to download new updates. Show a notification when your PC requires a restart to finish updating. Toggle this option on to receive a notification when Windows needs to update to complete an update. First, you must boot from installation media and choose the Custom option in Setup.

Select your preferred update for removal and click on uninstall. Oh, and never use machines that are older than 6 years old. Don’t just drop hot unexpected expenses on the laps of those with fiscal responsibilities. It goes much smoother when the decision makers have been given a heads-up months to a year/s in advanced. Security, both the implementation and maintenance thereof is reliant upon funding. Being that IT is inherently a cost center, it’s not uncommon that it doesn’t get the funds it needs to maintain and enforce security.

Why is Applying Updates Regularly Important?

It, too, keeps an eye on all the apps under its purview. And you can visit the Library and click the Get updates button any time you like, to force pending updates to be applied to your PC. Whether running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home, you can delay quality updates for up to seven days. The only caveat is that you can only pause these updates once, and when updates resume, your computer must install the latest quality update before you can use the option again.

In May 2013, reports surfaced that HTC had scrapped plans to produce a 12-inch Windows RT tablet as it would cost too much to produce, and that there would be greater demand for smaller devices. If you want the full, traditional Start menu back during your transitional learning time, that’s easy to do. All kinds of free or cheap programs are available to restore the Start menu to its rightful place at the desktop, bearing names, like StartIsBack, Start8, Power8, Pokki, StartW8, and Classic Shell.

How Worth it is to Upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

Two methods to enable Windows optional features while offline use the Command Line Interface . You may stop receiving updates on your device by turning off Internet access. If and when you re-connect to the Internet, the software will resume checking for and installing updates. Traditionally, the service provided each patch in its own proprietary archive file. Occasionally, Microsoft released service packs which bundled all updates released over the course of years for a certain product.

Windows will automatically install the driver when your computer comes back on. Connect your PC to a Wi-Fi network and check if reinstalling the network driver resolved the problem. The Windows Update service has changed over the years as Microsoft released new versions of Windows. While Windows updates used to be installed by visiting the Windows Update website, newer versions of Windows include a special built-in Windows Update feature with more options.

Run Windows Update

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